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SILC Faculty Member and member of our Spatial Network.

Biographical Sketch:

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D.

A. Professional Preparation.

            1971-1975 University of Pittsburgh, BS

           1975-1981   University of Pennsylvania, PhD (Human Development)

B. Appointments

            1982-1984   Assistant Professor of Psychology,   Swarthmore College

            1984-1987   Assistant Professor of Psychology,   Haverford College

            1987-1990   Assistant Professor of Psychology,   Temple University

            1990-1996   Associate Professor of Psychology, Temple University

            1996 -          Professor of Psychology,                  Temple University

            2004-           Debra and Stanley Lefkowitz Chair,Psychology, Temple University   

C. Honors

APA Award for Distinguished Service to Psychological Science, October 2009.

Invited participant: NRC Conference on Language and Reading. Palo Alto, CA October, 2009.

National Best Book Awards, 2008: Celebrate the Scribble (art theory, education and parent resource)

Eberman Research Award, Temple University, May 2008

Alliance for Children: Invited to national board, November 2007-

Advisory Board, Language Team, NIH Toolbox 2007-2009

Advisor, Language and Literacy, California Preschools 2008-2009

Commencement Speaker, Temple University – May 2007

D. Five Most Relevant Recent Publications

Göksun, T., Hirsh-Pasek, K, & Golinkoff, R. M. (2010). Trading spaces: Carving up the events for learning language. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 5 33-42.

Göksun, T., Hirsh-Pasek, K, & Golinkoff, R. M. (2010). Verbal handouts: Preschoolers express cause in gesture and speech. Cognitive Development, 56-68.

Maguire, M., Hirsh-Pasek, K., Golinkoff, R., Imai, M.,Haryu, E.,Vanegas, S., Okada, H., Pulverman, R.,Sanchez-Davis, B. (in press) A developmental shift from similar to language specific strategies in verb acquisition: A comparison of English, Spanish and Japanese. Cognition.

Golinkoff, R., & Hirsh-Pasek, K. (2008). How toddlers learn verbs. Trends in Cognitive Science,12, 10, 397-403

Hirsh-Pasek, K. & Golinkoff, R. (Eds.) (2006) Action meets word: How children

                     learn verbs. New York: Oxford University Press

E. Five Other Significant Publications.

Pulverman, R., Sootsman, J., Golinkoff, R., Hirsh-Pasek, K., (2008) Manners Matter: Infants’ Attention to Manner and Path in Non-Linguistic Dynamic Events. Cognition, 108, 825-830.

         Imai, M., Li, L., Haryu, E., Hirsh-Pasek, K., Golinkoff, R. M., & Shigematsu, J.

                      (2008) Novel noun and verb learning in Chinese, English, and

                      Japanese children: Universality and language-specificity in novel noun and

                      verb learning. Child Development, 79, 979-1000

Maguire, M., Hirsh-Pasek, K., & Golinkoff, R. (2008) Focusing on the relation:

                      Fewer exemplars facilitate children's initial verb learning and extension. Developmental Science, 11,4, 628-634.

Hirsh-Pasek, K., & Golinkoff, R. (2008) King Solomon’s Take on Word Learning: An Integrative Account from the Radical Middle. Advances in Child Development and Behavior, (Volume 36 pp. 2-29). Oxford, UK: Elsevier

Hirsh-Pasek, K. Bruer, J. (2007) The Brain/Education Barrier. Science, 317, 1293


F. Synergistic Activities.

  1. The publication of our popular press book (Golinkoff, R. & Hirsh-Pasek, K. (1999). How babies talk: The magic and mystery of language in the first three years. New York: Penguin/Dutton) brought the results of the latest research in language acquisition to the lay public. Einstein Never Used Flash Cards: How Our Children Really Learn and Why They Need to Play More and Memorize Less, Rodale Press, encourages parents to allow children to play instead of focusing on rote learning and adult-structured activities. It received the “Books for a Better Life” award in 2004 and, like our first book, is being translated in multiple languages.
  2. NIH Toolbox, Language consultant
  3. Language and literacy expert, California Preschool Curriculum.
  4. International speaker on science of learning.
  5. Commentator for parenting magazines, radio stations, and news reporters on research in the fields of language acquisition and child development.
  6. Treasurer, International Society for Infant Studies 2005-2010.
  7. Associate Editor Child Development. 2001-2007.
  8. Co-ordinator and developer, Ultimate Block Party, Scientific Outreach Even and Project, 2010.

G. Collaborators and other affiliations

            i. Collaborators in the last 48 months         

Roberta Golinkoff ( U Delaware); Mutsumi Imai (Keio University, Japan); Nora Newcombe (Temple University); Dorothy Singer (Yale); Laura Berk (U Illinois); John Bruer (McDonnell Foundation)

            ii. Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors

            Dr. Lila Gleitman, University of Pennsylvania

            iii. Thesis Advisor (over last 5 years)

            Parish-Morris, Julia Chair of committee (expected graduation August 2010)

            Roseberry, Sarah, Chair of committee (expected graduation August 2010)

            Gokson, Tilbe, Chair of committee (expected graduation August 2010)

            Fisher, Kelly, Chair of committee (expected graduation May 2010)

          Pruden, Shannon, Chair of committee, (May, 2005)  





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